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The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death by Connie Saindon


The Journey

Learning to Live with Violent Death

A Workbook Based on Restorative Retelling

The Journey is a wonderful and worthwhile addition to the field of Violent Death Material. The current amount of material in this field is quite sparse and The Journey will prove to be valuable for professionals working with this population and for the co-victims as well. The Journey is unique in that the material can be used both in groups and individually and therefore will serve a multitude of purposes heretofore not available.

Deborah Spungen, author of And I Don't Want to Live This Life
and founder of Families of Murder Victims in Philadelphia

Connie Saindon has brought the theoretical into the practical with this user-friendly workbook for family and friends of those who have died traumatically. In addition, therapists and support group leaders will find many helpful tools here. Experiencing this workbook will help people move through their grieving journey with authenticity and eventually find themselves more resilient.
Janice Harris Lord, author of
No Time for Goodbyes: Coping with
Sorrow, Anger, and Injustice After a Tragic Death

and former Director of Victim Services of
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

The Journey workbook is a much needed and useful aid for adult survivors of violent death. Thoughtfully written, it respects the individual grieving process that each person goes through after having a loved one violently killed and offers specific tools to help calm the mind and body.
Alison Salloum, PhD, LCSW, University of South Florida,
College of Behavioral and Community Sciences

The Journey is a wonderful tool not only for survivors of homicide, but survivors of suicide. Ive not only had the privilege of taking The Journey training, but I have now facilitated two 10-week sessions. The change in participants from week 1 to week 10 is amazing; they become at peace after attending "The Journey." I have found that grief never ends, it changes; The Journey has taught me its not a place to stay, but a place to remember who my loved one was. . . . I was so surprised how easy and simple this program is. I expected difficulty! I know I can do this and I'm ready! Thank you for the knowledge I have embraced from you! My calling is becoming a reality.
Rose Madsen, Director of Families
and Friends of Murder Victims, Inc.

I have found The Journey to be very helpful in bringing healing and hope into the lives of those who have experienced a death of a family member to murder or suicide. Each time I have gathered together a group of people to support each other on The Journey, I have seen each person open themselves up to this very gentle and healing process. The Journey gives hope to broken hearts, and healing to hurting souls. It is so good to see smiles again! . . . Honestly, I dreaded this weekend. I knew I came without memory and felt that it would be a detriment. I dreaded the piece of the “work” that asked us to draw what we can't “let go.” It intimidated me. Thank you for your genuineness, your gentleness, your understanding and acceptance. I look forward to growing our program here with your help and encouragement.
Sr. Terry Maher, CPPS, BCC

Twenty-nine years ago my brother, Fred, was murdered. It forever changed my life. I had locked away the darkest memories because they were too painful. Every day as I awoke, the pain was right there. So I pushed them back further. I recently joined the 10-week support group called "The Journey" with the Diocese of San Bernardino. When this healing journey presented itself, I knew God was calling me. I opened my heart to the process and the Holy Spirit came in! I am so thankful to now have peace and to honor my brother by celebrating his life instead of only remembering his death.

This book is a wonderful learning tool. I plan to use this book often as I work with my group. This weekend has been such a good and healing experience. I could begin to feel my heart heal. Some darkness turned to light. The process we took has given me confidence. I feel more confidence to start my journey with a support group. Thank you.
Patricia Nelson

This experience is very powerful and empowering. It delves into the depths of the event, and into the core of my being. I believe that the exercises, even the difficult ones, are necessary steps in the healing process in an environment free of guilt and judgment. I enjoyed the laughter, and understand the tears — though painful memories came forth. I appreciate the grace, patience, sympathy and empathy in which the program is delivered. It has been insightful and helpful to me.


I was coming from a different perspective in my role of Diocese Director of Restorative Justice — because I wanted to see how the process works; to see if the volunteers present were really able to facilitate groups to see if the process would work for our Diocese both in English and Spanish. I took it as a wonderful process and it was a great weekend.
Sue Reif

It was a very helpful experience. Before I came I was worried that this experience wouldnt translate well into Spanish, but it looks like it will translate well. Thank you so much. It was healing and affirming for me.

In the Thailand project with Hmong refugees, I could not have managed as well as I did without your training. Whenever I felt stuck by the moral and cultural obstacles we faced, I fell back on the techniques. . . . They were culturally resilient, relevant to the needs of the people, and dependable in bringing comforting care to the survivors of some of the most horrific (and ongoing) trauma I have encountered.
Jan Kujawa, in describing her work
with Doctors Without Borders

The Journey, a 10-week support group in the Diocese of San Bernardino, is a program I wish they had nine years ago when my daughter Melanie was killed. I did not know how to handle this tragedy so I held my feelings in and tried to keep life normal. By doing so I did a huge injustice to Melanies sisters and myself. And now it is going on one year since my daughter Michelle was murdered. I knew I needed to deal with my grief and not make the same mistake twice. This program has brought joy and happiness back into my life. and I thank God for the precious time he allowed me to have with my daughters.

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