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The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death by Connie Saindon


The Journey

Learning to Live with Violent Death

A Workbook Based on Restorative Retelling

The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death leads people through a healing process after losing a family member or friend in a violent death.

The workbook is written for individuals and facilitators of grief support groups. It is based on the Restorative Retelling model developed by Dr. Edward K. Rynearson.

Nationally, there are about 50,000 violent deaths annually. It is estimated that from that number, there are an additional ten to twelve people connected to the victim who are significantly impacted by this loss. These numbers do not take into account returning soldiers and their families who have been impacted by violent death as well.

The Journey workbook encourages readers to write about their experiences and guides their grieving and healing process. The voices of other survivors move along with the readers and present their true, spontaneous answers to the questions in this workbook.

This workbook is a resource for those who want to conduct a support group or who may wish to strengthen their ability to live with what has happened more privately.

The Journey can aid professionals in offering services — services with which they are unfamiliar — in a more informed way. Professionals will be guided through this process by using the Restorative Retelling Treatment Manual by Edward Rynearson, MD, which is available on the Violent Death Bereavement Society website.

The Journey has companion audio recordings that accompany each of the ten steps in the book: Comforting Heart Breathing Exercises. These may be listened to online or downloaded for free at the Violent Loss Resources website.

The book's chapters include:
  • Alone No More
  • Step One — The Story
  • Step Two — Sources of Support
  • Step Three — Changes and Prevailing
  • Step Four — Complications
  • Step Five — Your Loved One
  • Step Six — What You Can’t Forget
  • Step Seven — Spiritual Beliefs
  • Step Eight — Changing Powerlessness into Action
  • Step Nine — Family and Friends
  • Step Ten — Re-Member-ing


  • Title: The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death
  • Subject categories:
    = Family & Relationships / Death, Grief, Bereavement
    = Self-Help: Death, Grief, Bereavement (SEL010000)
    = Psychology / Grief & Loss (PSY052000)
  • Author: Connie Saindon
  • Editor: Larry Edwards
  • Publisher: Wigeon Publishing
  • Publication date: December 8, 2015
  • Size, print edition: 8.5 x 11
  • Pages: 222
  • Formats/ISBN:
    = paperback - 978-0-9896913-8-3
    = Kindle
    = ePub - 978-0-9896913-9-0
  • Library of Congress Control Number: 2015919885
  • Price:
    = paperback: $19.95
    = e-book: $7.99
  • Distributor: Ingram

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